"We thought our five-year-old Dell laptop was hopeless. It took several minutes to boot into Windows XP, and everything ran slow. But YourHomeLinux loaded it with Linux in under and hour, and now it runs like a NEW computer. Best of all, we have access to all our Windows documents and pictures. Just great."--Brian


"About two months ago, I was introduced to the Linux Operating System. I can say I am very pleased. My 12 year old was able to install it on her computer with no problems at all. It's the best clone of Windows that I have seen thus far. If you are a beginner to the computer world, I would have to say, try Linux, you will be very pleased with no regrets."--Tania

“My desktop has been kind of ornery for years. This morning it refused to start at all, and LocalLinux not only coaxed it back to life but showed me a few new tricks that made it better than before. It was just like finding a great doctor who still makes house calls!” --Nina


"In two waves of good service, YourHomeLinux has replaced our expiring, low-functioning Windows XP operating system on two office PCs and a home laptop. We rely on the PCs and access through them to a shared server as well as many installed programs, so the decision to change was nervous, even though the approaching demise of XP maintenance by Microsoft made our choice one between change and failure. In the aftermath, with the replacement Linux programs nearly intuitive, with our familiar programs available through our familiar browsers or in a virtual machine YourHomeLinux created on our PCs, and with everything booting more quickly than before, why did we wait? Yes, we had questions and are still becoming familiar with some application features but YourHomeLinux has been available and helpful, often within 15 or 30 minutes. Good-by, XP. This Linux alternative is great." --Tom

“Excellent site if you want to switch to Linux, or if you just want your computer to work better. Very knowledgeable assistance." --Marty


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