With the end of Unity -- a project that sought to create a unified control across desktops, tablets and phones -- Ubuntu's developer, Canonical, has created a customized version of GNOME, the venerable graphical user interface (GUI) for Linux desktops.

Here's a nice video that shows off the features of Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark), with GNOME in place of Unity. For old Unity users, you'll see many (but not all) of the old functionality. For new users, you'll see a clean, modern desktop. In our opinion, this desktop makes a lot more sense than Windows 10.


One of the marvelous things about Linux is the number of variations on the core kernel. We like Lubuntu for new users, but there are plenty of other options -- alternatives you can try for yourself. 

Here's a nice video on Linux variants, sorted by the type of user (Beginner, Hacker, Artist, Gamer, Regular User). 




While there are dozens of Linux distributions ("distros") to try, for people coming to Linux for the first time, we recommend Lubuntu. This distro, which is based on Ubuntu Linux, has a deserved reputation for being lightweight and familiar for people coming from, say, Windows XP.

Lubuntu is a swift desktop that consumes less than 500MB of RAM.

We consider Lubuntu our default starter distro for new users. Why? Because it runs great on older hardware (the type Your Home Linux users typically want to upgrade). On machines with a bit more power (dual-core processors and above), it runs blazing fast.

Here's a quick video about the latest version, Lubuntu 16.04:



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